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Drawn and painted all my life, got my first camera when I was 8 years old. Always loved animals, nature, music and photography. Been to many different photo courses and workshops. Attended schools within drawing, photo, advertising, art and some less relevant schools such as police school, command school, military police chief course, military sports leader courses, dance instructor training, footsteps therapy education, kinesiology education, activist education, diving courses, kayak paddle courses, many paint courses,


Job as command, military police chief, garrison troop boss, dance instructor, therapist, in store, assignment in photo, dog breeding,


Has won art competitions, photo competitions, and had art and photography exhibits, been on television sometimes in Norway and Sweden.


About me

Sissel Nystad was born in Trondheim in the middle of Norway and now lives in Fredrikstad with her family and dogs. She has always loved to draw, paint, being in nature, dancing, animals and water. She loves variety, therefore she cares with many different aspects of art. She loves to try out new things and she likes to make beautiful things but can also provoke sometimes. Sissel has a very varied background that helps to color her expressions and her choices in life as well as in art. It is quite natural for her that animals, colors, water and moods characterize her creative performance. Feel free to contact if it is of interest to an assignment or cooperation.

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